Mass Battle

Allied Forces

2,000 Men-At-Arms (From Orlais, Antiva, The Free Marches, and Nevarra)
240 Arlathan Archers
100 Arlathan Mages
120 Circle Mages
250 Templars
200 College Mages
50 Dragon Hunters
170Knights Errant
500 Grey Wardens
250 Dalish Riders

Total: 3,880

1500 Darkspawn (???)


Special Orders

Each Turn, the Commander of both forces chooses one order from those below:

  • Attack: Standard
  • Defend: -2 to your roll, -1 to opponent’s dragon die
  • Feint: -5 to your roll, +2 to Dragon Die if opponent Attacks, otherwise +1 to Dragon Die
  • Maneuver: -2 to your roll, Gain a +1 bonus to Dragon Die until opponent takes it back. Maneuver vs. Maneuver is an opposed roll.

Force Types

Specialists may be committed to stages of the battle. If specialist forces are committed, they will take casualties.

  • Heavies: +2 Bonus to Defend
  • Archers: +2 Bonus to Attack
  • Cavalry: +2 Bonus to Maneuver
  • Mages: + 2 Bonus to Feint

Mass Battle

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