Crows of a Feather

A Royal Audience

The wardens are able to secure a rare audience with the King of Antiva, though the king’s steward tells them that they will have to surrender their weapons, and the king will be concealed behind a veil.

Prince of Crows

The “Prince of Crows”, Zevran Aranai, sneaks into the chambers of the party, specifically Felix’s, and attempts to convince him to help Zevran kill the king of Antiva.

Zevran explains that the prince is unlikely to help them open any sort of diplomatic relations with Arlathan, and will in fact work against them. The king has grown paranoid and isolationist, and wants nothing to do with the Blight. The only reason he’s taking the audience is that he’s hoping the party will convince Antiva’s wardens to stay behind and defend Antiva.

Zevran further clarifies that once the King is dealt with, he’ll have a free hand to put the full backing of the crows behind the wardens, and they will ensure that the kingdoms of Thedas offer forces and supplies to the Warden’s cause.

To Kill a King

The Grey Wardens cannot be discovered killing the King, or it will have broad consequences in Antiva.



The king has guards that regularly patrol the palace, and he will have his best fighters in the room when he meets with the players.


The King has effectively incased himself behind walls. He has no servants, and grows his own food in a small garden in the central courtyard. Guards patrol outside, but no one is allowed into the KIng’s inner chambers.


The King operates behind walls, his throne room has a small opening from which he delivers orders / etc.

The Darkspawn Attack!

Actions of the City Guard
  • Seal palace and city gates
  • Try to contain the darkspawn
  • Protect the king
  • Keep order at the docks
  • Try to flee city by ship or gates

City Features:

Plateaus, steep cliffs, bridges, buildings built into side of mountain.

Escape Routes:

  • Through the caves
  • By boat
  • Through gates
  • By griffin

Crows of a Feather

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