The Sixth Blight

Werewolves and Wilds

Session 2

The party escorted the Dalish elves they rescued previously back to the village where Soren awaited them. The mage diagnosed the injured elf with Blight sickness, and advised that the elves return to Redcliffe to see if the Grey Wardens could render assistance.

The party pressed on to the lair of the werewolf, and once there, risked life and limb to slay the fell beast. Taking the werewolf’s heart and pelt as a prize, the party returned back to the village of Blue Fields. Once there, Soren concocted a poultice that healed the poor girl who had been infected by the werewolf’s curse.

Their task complete, our heroes returned to Redcliffe…


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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