The Sixth Blight

The Tournament Begins

Our heroes make their way to the outskirts of Denerim, to participate in a Grand Tournament before the upcoming Landsmeet.

Nathaniel Howe advises the Wardens that should one of them win the Tournament, they will be able to ask for a boon from the King. This, surely, will boost the Wardens odds of securing troops, coin, and logistical support from King Alistair Theirin.

While signing up for the tournament, the Wardens meet Torhild Stonefeather once again, who has come to court Lucia and participate in the tournament.

While Ovan, Fiohra, and Michel give the couple some privacy (and sneak off to spy on the Bluehills), the pair is approached by a group of Avaar.

The Avaar are led by Stormhold, a young, cruel Avaar chieftan who has allied himself with the Bluehills. Stormhold insults Lucia and Torhild, but Lucia’s companions return just in time to stop a brawl.

In the opening melee of the tournament, our heroes fight with Torhild and manage to defeat Stormhold’s Avaar, a mysterious assassin, and a number of other contestants.

During the fight, Fiohra seizes control of the assassin through Blood Magic, and plots to have her act on Fiohra’s behalf.

Early the next morning, Nathaniel Howe approaches Michel with grave news: Moira Bluehill has manipulated the bracket and engineered a match between her and Ovan. Nathaniel warns Michel that if Ovan kills Moira, the consequences for the Grey Warden’s cause could be dire.

After Michel confronts Ovan with the news, the Avaar agrees not to slay his ancient enemy. But can mere words slake his thirst for vengeance? We shall see…


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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