The Sixth Blight

Of Werewolves and Blue Fields

Session 1

Our intrepid heroes, after gathering in the city of Redcliffe, are assigned to investigate a series of mysterious deaths in a nearby village, Blue Fields.

They meet a somewhat gregarious hedge mage, Soren, who explains to them that he has been hunting a werewolf in the vicinity which he believes has turned one of the townspeople. After a fair bit of helpful (and not so helpful) on werewolves, the party heads into town to investigate further.

A card game and a round of drinks later, the party learns that a woodsman by the name of Finn was recently attacked in the woods by a wolf, and hasn’t been back to work since.

After meeting with Finn, the party discovers that it is not he, but his young daughter, that was bitten by the werewolf. Soren is sent for, and after tending to the girl, informs the party that their best chance of a cure lies in the heart of the werewolf that turned her. The party resolves to venture into the forest after the beast while Soren tends to the girl.

The girl’s mother, nervous at having so many mages about, starts a ruckus amoung the townsfolk. A group of woodsmen confront the party and demand answers, but a silver tongue (and the Reverend Mother’s timely intervention) defuses the townspeople’s hostility.

Our heroes venture into the forest after the fell beast, but run across a small band of Dalish Elves, ambushed by foul blight wolves. The party helps drive off the creatures, but not before one of the Dalish is badly wounded.

Who are these elves? Why are they in this forest? Do they have any link to the werewolf our adventurer’s seek? For these answers, we must wait… until next time.


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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