The Sixth Blight

Eye of the Beholder

After returning to Redwolf Hold, the party realizes they no longer have any claim to the Hold. They say their final farewell to Ovan, and order the Warden-Constables to relocate to Nevarra with the rest of the Warden order.

They then proceed to Orlais and meet again with Divine Victoria and Grand Enchanter Vivienne. The pair informs the party that a rival powerbroker, “The Lady of Roses” has been frustrating their attempts to gather support for the Wardens.

The party and the Grand Enchanter hatch a plan to locate the “Lady of Roses” at an upcoming ball. During the ball, Lucia locates the Lady.

At the Lady’s Manor, Fiohra and Vashaan come to blows, but Fiohra escapes into the darkness after badly wounding Vashaan.


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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