A Time of Blight

It is a time of Blight. The darkspawn have come again, faster than anyone could have imagined, crazed, dangerous, and in hordes seemingly innumerable. High in the north, in the Anderfels, the fractured Grey Wardens have been driven to the brink of extinction. They are besieged in their ancient fortress of Weishaupt, and the darkspawn run rampant. Weakened by a war with the Qunari and Orlais, the Tevinter Imperium was little match for the great tide of the Sixth Blight. Nevarra, Antiva and the Free Marches scramble to prepare for the coming storm, but are still divided by petty squabbles and old wounds. In the North and South, the Mage-Templar War has left many kingdoms reeling.

But, not all hope is lost. Heroes may yet arise, to lead the people of Thedas once more against the Blight. Heroes that can mend the break between Chantry and Magi, restore the Grey Wardens, drive back the Darkspawn, and maybe, just maybe, slay an Elder God made flesh.

Some Details

This campaign is set in 9:50 Dragon, about 6 years after the events of “Inquisition” and “Trespasser.”

Where Next?

I recommend checking out the wiki, particularly the house rules section to make sure everything makes sense to you.

Also, check out the adventure log for some information on where our campaign will kick off!

The Sixth Blight

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