Superior Items and Runes

In the halls of Orzammar, the weaponsmith, armorer, and runesmith guilds have standing agreements to provide weapons and enchantments to the Grey Wardens… for a price. Even being able to purchase the fine work of dwarven smiths is a privilege typically reserved for princes and kings, but due to their shared history, the dwarves of Orzammar make their wares available to the Wardens.


Weapons and armor made from special materials are available in the Deep Roads. Below is a table of the materials, their cost multipliers, and the Rune Slots they grant:


Material Cost Multiplier Rune Slots
Veridium 2x 1
Red Steel 4x 2
Silverite 8x 3


Reinforced Leather 2x 1
Inscribed Leather 4x 2
Drakeskin 8x 3


Runes can be purchased at the Novice and Journeyman level. Master runes are closely guarded secrets, and aren’t typically made available, not even to Grey Wardens.

Rank Cost
Novice 100 silver
Journeyman 250 silver

Existing Items

Spidersilk Cloak – This cloak is made from sublime spidersilk, and thus has space for 1 armor rune.

Spawn Cleaver – This axe has 2 rune slots, but one is already taken up with a Journeyman Silverite Rune.

Superior Items and Runes

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