Same Page Tool


The purpose of the “Same Page Tool” is described in detail here. Essentially, the goal is to distill the nature of a tabletop rpg campaign so that everyone can be on the same page regarding the kind of game we’re playing.


I put this together using the feedback I received from you all in the survey I posted, taken together with my own personal GM style and the needs of the campaign concept.

So, without further ado…

The Same Page

Do you play to win?
Yes, you totally play to win! The win conditions are that the players defeat the Sixth Blight and save Thedas.

Player characters are:
expected to work together; but major conflicts might erupt but you’ll patch them up given some time

The GM’s role is:
To start, the GM preps a set of events – linear or branching. in the form of “quests” for players to undertake. The players then run their characters through these events, making impactful decisions that shape the world around them and the direction of the game.

As events unfold, players will have the opportunity to set the agenda for the game, make plans, and proactively pursue their goals.

The players’ roles are…
…to set goals for their characters, and pursue them proactively

Doing the smartest thing for your character’s survival…
…sometimes isn’t as important as other choices

The GM’s role to the rules is…
…follow them, come what may. (including following house rules)

After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is…
…where the character becomes an NPC, right away or fairly soon.

A fistfight breaks out in a bar! The details of where everything is – tables, chairs, where everyone is standing is something that…
…is something the GM will describe and you should ask questions to get more information.

In order to really have fun with this game, the rulebook is something that…
…everyone at least should know the basics of the rules.
…everyone at least should know the genre the game pulls from

A player character’s death should…
…be something with meaning. PC’s should be able to negotiate with the GM to ensure their death has narrative meaning.

When it comes to the sort of obstacles you’d like to see in this campaign, combat should be…
Sometimes unpreventable, i.e. sometimes you’ll fight darkspawn, skeletons, or other mindless foes that can’t be negotiated with

On average, about how much time in a given session should be taken up by combat?
%30 of the time

In this campaign, failure should be…
…a real possibility, clearly communicated when it happens.

Fiction Hurdle Questions

What kind of conflicts make sense for this game?

  • Fighting darkspawn and other monstrosities
  • Politicking with rulers and factions to secure their support
  • Exploring Thedas to find new allies, helpful magic, and the tools necessary to defeat the Blight

What kind of protagonists make sense for this game?

  • Heroic protagonists that are willing to join the Grey Wardens and, if necessary, sacrifice themselves
  • Protagonists that care about each-other and work together, sometimes setting their own needs and wants for the good of the group.

What kind of outcomes make sense for this game?

  • The protagonist’s defeating the Blight… or fail.

Same Page Tool

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