The State of Orlais

The Empress Celene remains on her Golden Throne. Relations with both the Inquisition and Divine Victoria have begun to sour, and plots stalk the courts and salons of Val Royeaux.

Many blame this change of fortune on the unsuccessful shadow-war between the Chantry and the Tevinter Imperium. After quick early victories, the Chevaliers and their Qunari allies soon ground to a stand-still against the Tevinter Imperium. The quagmire was left unresolved… until finally, the Blight came for Tevinter.

The Orlesian Army never returned.

The Chantry in Orlais

Cassandra Pentaghast has ascended to the Sunburst Throne as Divine Victoria. She enacts many reforms, not the least of which being a new Circle of Magi, a new Order of Templars, and a rebirth of the Seekers of Truth.

Many of the Inquisition’s former allies follow her lead, and despite agitation for a return to status-quo, peace is maintained in the Chantry.

However, this success is short-lived. After uniting with the Qunari to strike at the Tevinter Imperium, the Divine’s popularity wanes. Now, many fear she will soon be ousted from her position, and all her work will be undone.

The Grey Wardens

The Wardens in Orlais sought to rebuild after the events at Adamant. A schism soon formed with their brethren in Weisshaupt, and the resulting conflict has crippled the ancient order in both North and South.


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