House Rules

The Heal Action

The “Heal” action kind of makes combat fall on it’s face mechanically and doesn’t make a lot of narrative sense. Therefore, I’m going to disallow it from active combat. What this means is that the “Heal” action can only be taken outside of combat, and only when the healer has a “Healer’s Kit” in their possession.

Lore Disputes

While I’m pretty familiar with the Dragon Age setting, I am by no means a master of the lore. Therefore, I might occasionally mess up details of the world or change things purposely from “canon” for the sake of the game. In the name of expediency, I’ll have to insist that you ignore these changes in the moment. If you have clarifying questions or want to point something out I might have missed, feel free to e-mail me about it.

Rule Disputes

Likewise, if there’s confusion around rules or if I make a mistake, I’d like you to defer to my judgement in the moment and, if necessary, bring it up to me after the session via e-mail.

House Rules

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