Griffon Stats

+0 COM
+3 CON (Stamina)
-2 CUN
+3 DEX
+0 MAG
+3 PER (Searching, Seeing)
+4 STR (Claws)
+0 WIL

Speed 10, Fly 30
Health 55
Defense 13
AR 0

Bite 3/1d64
Claws 7/2d64

Available Abilities

To gain on of these abilities, a griffon must be trained by it’s rider.

Swoop: 2+ SP, the griffon can pick up and throw a target it hit with its claws while flying. The target is left prone and takes 2d6 penetrating damage + 1d6 penetrating damage for each additional stunt point spent.

Tail Lash: A griffon can perform the Knock Prone stunt for 1 SP each against any number of adjacent targets it can afford to pay for with stunt points. Targets can also be pushed 2 yards away as per the Skirmish stunt, if the stunt-point budget permits.

Buffet: As a minor action a griffon can flap its wings and buffet nearby creatures. Anyone within 4 yards of the creature must make a successful TN 12 Strength (Might) test or be knocked back 1d6 yards. Those that fail their tests and have a Stunt Die result of 1 or 2 are also knocked prone.

Tooth & Claw: A griffon can make one bite and one claw attack as a single attack action. Only one of these attacks can generate stunt points.


Luanna – Felix


Fiohra – Vaas


Lucia – Pachuka

Tooth and Claw

Svar – Ovan



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