The State of Fereldan

In the year 9:50, Fereldan is ruled by Alistair Theirin and his Queen, Anora. Fereldan has removed itself from most politics outside its borders as it struggles to rebuild after the Fifth Blight and the Mage-Templar War.

The Grey Wardens

Under the leadership of Warden-Commander Nathaniel Howe, the Grey Wardens of Fereldan continue to rebuild. The Warden-Commander is said to have clashed several times with Fereldan’s court, as he pushes for more recruits, more resources, and more action to be taken against the Blight in the north. Many suspect that he may soon take himself and his men across the Waking Sea… with or without the blessing and army of Fereldan.

The College of Enchanters

In Redcliffe, mages formerly loyal to the Inquisition have formed the College of Enchanters. The College is free, wholly separate from the Chantry and autonomous from political rule. Here, mages of all stripes are welcomed and trained, though the Senior Enchanters watch carefully for signs of corruption or abomination.

The College is at a standstill with the more traditional Circle of Magi, which still holds sway in much of Thedas. Some fear all-out war may yet break out between the two groups of Magi.


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