The Sixth Blight

A Greater Good, pt 4

The party and Livius confront a group of Magisters and their Templar lackeys onboard a riverboat, including Magister Kyliss. After defeating the magisters, the party attempts to interrogate the Magister as to the Venatori’s plans for the kidnapped elves.

A rift in the party forms, as Vashaan and Fiohra are in favor of rendering Kyliss tranquil, to prevent him from doing further harm and making him agreeable to their questioning. Michel objects strongly, but in the end, Lucia sides with Vashaan and Fiohra.

After being rendered tranquil by Vashaan, Kyliss informs the party that the magisters have developed a means to force a being’s conciousness into the Fade, a technique they used on the Chevalier army.

Furthermore, they plan to gather enough blood together to attempt to use this magic against the darkspawn, hopefully rendering them inert or, at the very least, severing their connection to the Archdemon.

Fiohra speculates that their plan may indeed work, though it would likely take an entire city’s worth of blood to pull off.

After the rite, Lucia explains her decision to Michel, insisting that being a Grey Warden sometimes requires sacrificing one’s owns morals and beliefs for the sake of the greater good, as Michel did when he executed Ovan. Michel warns that the party is going down a dark path, and laments the decision that his companions made.

Later, the party decides to hand Livius over to the Prince of Starkhaven, who decrees that Livius undergo the rite of conscription. Kyliss is likewise turned over to the Grey Wardens in Starkhaven to assist them as best he can.

A Greater Good, pt 2

To enact their plan, the party ventures to a nearby tavern in a wealthy district of Starkhaven. The plan is for Fiohra and Vashaan to give off the appearance of being intoxicated and then cause a row.

Instead, Vashaan gets drunk and Fiohra sics a couple of soldiers on him. Lucia runs off to call the city guard, who arrest Fiohra and Vashaan and cart them off to a dungeon that they can then (hopefully) break out of to complete their mission.

A Greater Good, pt 1

While traveling through the Wildervale, the party comes across a group of tenviter mages who have been rendered into abominations by some dark and profane magical experiment. Documents found on the bodies indicate that the mages abducted their “sacrifice” from the nearby city of Starkhaven.

The party continues on to Starkhaven, and investigates the identity of the sacrificed elf. They learn that the elf went missing after being abducted by the City Guard on charges of theft. Shortly thereafter, the missing elf’s fiance also went missing while investigating his lover’s disappearance.

The party confronts Captain Ruadh, a captain of the city guard in Starkhaven. He offers to assist them in their investigation, but the party is stymied by an obstanate record-keeper in the guard hall.

Sensing something is amiss, the party concocts a plan to get Fiohra and Vashaan arrested, so they might investigate the true nature of the disappearances from “inside.”

Eye of the Beholder

After returning to Redwolf Hold, the party realizes they no longer have any claim to the Hold. They say their final farewell to Ovan, and order the Warden-Constables to relocate to Nevarra with the rest of the Warden order.

They then proceed to Orlais and meet again with Divine Victoria and Grand Enchanter Vivienne. The pair informs the party that a rival powerbroker, “The Lady of Roses” has been frustrating their attempts to gather support for the Wardens.

The party and the Grand Enchanter hatch a plan to locate the “Lady of Roses” at an upcoming ball. During the ball, Lucia locates the Lady.

At the Lady’s Manor, Fiohra and Vashaan come to blows, but Fiohra escapes into the darkness after badly wounding Vashaan.

Farewell to a Friend

Ovan met his sworn foe, Moira Bluehill on the tournament fields of Denerim. Knowing the consequences, he killed her during the tournament, sealing his fate and perhaps that of the Grey Wardens.

Ovan’s friends pled their case before the King and Queen, and in the end, Alistair Theirin offered an ultimatum. Ovan must die, and at the hands of the Grey Wardens. In return, the Wardens would not be banished from the realm, but would be allowed (and, frankly, urged) to travel northward to try and break the seige at Weisshaupt.

Michel revealed his true identity to his compatriots, that of an Antivan Crow, sworn to ensure the Grey Warden’s success, no matter the cost. And, with that burden placed upon him, it was Michel who executed his friend, Ovan.

Joined by an emissary of the King, a Qunari Templar by the name of Karsaan, the party sets forth back to Red Wolf Hold, to prepare for the journey ahead.

The Tournament Begins

Our heroes make their way to the outskirts of Denerim, to participate in a Grand Tournament before the upcoming Landsmeet.

Nathaniel Howe advises the Wardens that should one of them win the Tournament, they will be able to ask for a boon from the King. This, surely, will boost the Wardens odds of securing troops, coin, and logistical support from King Alistair Theirin.

While signing up for the tournament, the Wardens meet Torhild Stonefeather once again, who has come to court Lucia and participate in the tournament.

While Ovan, Fiohra, and Michel give the couple some privacy (and sneak off to spy on the Bluehills), the pair is approached by a group of Avaar.

The Avaar are led by Stormhold, a young, cruel Avaar chieftan who has allied himself with the Bluehills. Stormhold insults Lucia and Torhild, but Lucia’s companions return just in time to stop a brawl.

In the opening melee of the tournament, our heroes fight with Torhild and manage to defeat Stormhold’s Avaar, a mysterious assassin, and a number of other contestants.

During the fight, Fiohra seizes control of the assassin through Blood Magic, and plots to have her act on Fiohra’s behalf.

Early the next morning, Nathaniel Howe approaches Michel with grave news: Moira Bluehill has manipulated the bracket and engineered a match between her and Ovan. Nathaniel warns Michel that if Ovan kills Moira, the consequences for the Grey Warden’s cause could be dire.

After Michel confronts Ovan with the news, the Avaar agrees not to slay his ancient enemy. But can mere words slake his thirst for vengeance? We shall see…

The Snowy Wyvern

After braving numerous traps, the Party discovered a nearly half-frozen Jave Pentaghast. The party healed his wounds and helped dispatch the Snowy Wyvern (and claimed it’s somewhat-ruined heart and hide.

Jave offers the party his allegiance, and asks them to stop by if they are ever in Nevarra.

The Trial of the Sky Mother

The party returns to Redcliffe and learns that they must secure the heart of a Snowy Wyvern in order to complete the potion for Grand Enchanter Vivienne. They also learn that a band of Nevarran dragon hunters are already hunting the quarry, and stopped off at Red Wolf Hold.

At Red Wolf Hold, they learn that a disagreement with the local Avaar (and the death of Red Wolf Hold’s hold animal) has led the Avaar to begin raiding the Grey Wardens. The party also learns that their griffons have been injured in the fighting, and Fiohra at last seems to warm to her Griffon, whom she names “Voss”, a “Vessel for her Power.” The party therefore leaves the hold, heading in the direction of the Nevarran hunters, but are ambushed by a group of Avaar.

During the ambush, Ovan convinces the Avaar to hold a Trial of the Sky Mother, a contest in which two sides try to climb a mountain as quickly as possible. After some persuasion, the Avaar agree and exchange hostages, Ovan for one of their own.

The party returns to the keep with their hostage, who questions Fiohra’s abilities. She assures him that not only is she a witch, but also a demon.

On the day of the contest, the Avaar of suspicious of Fiohra’s interference, but Michel manages to keep her from casting any blood magic to influence the outcome of the contest. Lucia climbs against Torhild Stonefeather. Lucia prevails, and Torhild announces his intentions to court Lucia.

With the Sky-Mother’s favor assured, the Stone-feather Avaar agree to stop raiding the Grey Wardens for at least one year. In turn, the wardens agree to let them check up on and visit Hogun.

Back at Red-Wolf Keep, Ovan and Hogun share an emotional reunion, and it is revealed that Moira Bluehill is recruiting other Avaar holds for a future attack on the Grey Wardens. Furthermore, she intends to press her suit against the Grey Wardens at the upcoming Landsmeet.

An Orlesian Matter

After arriving in Orlais, our party makes contact with her holiness, Divine Victoria. While the Divine is unable to publically support the Wardens, she does enlist their aid in a private matter.

The party is dispatched to rescue an old friend, Dorian Pavus, who is held in captivity by a group of rogue Templars.

The party rescues Pavus, but in doing so, Fiohra allows a spirit (or is it a demon?) to enter her. Her power increases, but at what cost?

Meanwhile, the College in Redcliffe has other business that requires the Warden’s attention. After rescuing a troublesom bard, the party is enlisted in securing some notes from the Madame du Fer. These notes, in turn, point towards a cure for one of the Madame’s lovers, a powerful boon should the party manage to secure a cure…

Into the Deep Roads

Our adventurers ventured into the Deep Roads at the request of an Arlathan Abassador, in search of an Eluvian Gate that is threatened by the darkspawn.

Currently, the party is catching it’s breath after an ambush by a group of Shrieks, on their way to find the Eluvian Gate.


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