Lucia Barbury


Lucia’s great-great grandfather, Dwynak Aldash, was one of the many dwarves that left the mines of Orzammar to make his mark as a merchant on the surface. Though he immediately found success as a salesman, he was disillusioned by having been shunned to the lowest caste of dwarves. He and his wife decided they no longer wished to return to their homeland, and with their final shipment of goods decided to settle in the provincial town of Bellwood in Ferelden. While in Bellwood, Dwynak opened a shop, shaved his beard and changed his name to Derek Barbury and began correcting those who referred to him as a dwarf as “just a short-statured human, and I’ll thank you to remember it.” As generations passed, his neighbors and other townfolk at first referred to Dwynak’s family as human as a sort of tongue-in-cheek quirk of the city, but gradually they accepted the Barburys’ story. Some skeptics will still insist they’re dwarven from time to time, but usually keep to themselves, as the Barburys have established themselves as honorable pillars of the community.

Dwynak had a single son in Bellwood, who grew up and married a human woman, they had a single son as well, Marcus Barubury, Lucia’s father. Her mother, a human, died of a sickness shortly after she was born. Marcus, who also grew up believing fully that he was human, is a proud member of the city guard and is considered a noble and fearless warrior who is also very involved and compassionate in his community. Lucia adores her father and wants to become a member of the city guard as well and has trained with him daily to become a fighter.

There has been an increase of darkspawn in Bellwood, and though the city guard has done an admirable job protecting the city, Lucia believes the answer is to go on the offensive and defeat the darkspawn at the source. Her father has survived this far but has taken more than his fair share of wounds and blows. After a particularly unfruitful meeting of the city guard about the darkspawn (in which Lucia, generally expected as a regular fixture in trainings and meetings since she was old enough to walk, was standing near the back), Lucia made a passionate outburst, insisting they were just putting a bandage on the issue and not addressing the real problem. Lucia stormed out of the meeting, packed her traveling gear and her weapons, left a note for her father not to come looking for her and, wiping away hot tears, left to find an adventuring party crazy enough to take on the darkspawn with her.

As a character, Lucia is passionate, a little foolhardy and prefers to take challenges head on. But she also tries to be compassionate and kind to those who are weaker or need help. She tries very hard to adhere to the definition of “noble.” She has no opinion on the mages vs. the templars other than she knows mages can be useful for her cause and isn’t frightened by them. She’s somewhat lapsed Andrastrian, where she believes Andraste exists but doesn’t pray often and doesn’t critically think about it as a belief system. When people call her dwarf, she politely tells them that she is just a short human, “but I get that all the time.” She may be slightly on the taller side for a dwarf due to her mother and grandmother’s human blood, but she is still very much dwarven. She is only 20 years old but has been training with her father for as long as she could hold a wooden sword.

Lucia Barbury

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