Escaped slave turned blood mage


Important NPCs

Magister Thalanil Viridius – Her master / mentor.

Netriel – Her twin, killed when she was 8.

Virion – Her father, killed by her master during the experiment when Fiohra fled.

The Demon – A powerful demon of Pride who currently aids and inhabits FIohra.


Qarinus in Tevinter


The character’s name is Fiohra. She was born to slave parents(Virion and Cormia) in Qarinus in the Tevinter Imperium [18 years before your campaign is set]. Her mother died during childbirth. She was born with a twin, Netriel, but her sister died during one of her Master’s, Magister Thalanil Viridius, rituals when they were 8. Fiohra’s job as a slave was to assist her mother with cooking and/or cleaning until she turned 12. That’s when she developed magical abilities. She instantly caught the attention of Magister Viridius and was taught the basics of magic so she wouldn’t cause damage to the household or become possessed.

She took to her magical training instantly and even got to spend some time in the Circle of Magi in Qarinus for more advanced studies. For a while, slave life wasn’t so bad for her. She had become the favored of all the Magister’s slaves and soon began to assist him with magical theories and arcane experiments. Very early in her position as favored slave, Fiohra learned that being the favorite had a price and if she wanted to make it through the day without lashes on her back or her blood kept in her body, someone else had to. She began assisting the Magister during his blood magic rituals. It became her job to gather the slave her Master wanted and prepped them for experimentation. Most of the subjects survived to live another day, but every once in awhile her Master would go to far and the slave would die. Her Master would retire for the night and Fiohra would clean up the experimentation chamber and dispose of the body. Every time a slave died, a piece of her died too.

Then one day, Fiohra went to the Magister’s experimentation chamber to see what Arcane theory he wanted to study. He explained to her that he had stumbled on an arcane technique that would help the Imperium have an edge on the Qunari scum that the Imperium was at war with and if she helped him achieve the technique he would give her her freedom and would make her his apprentice. The technique, he explained, required a lot of lyrium and blood. [Nothing on the scale of the breach into the Golden City] The Magister sent her off to acquire the lyrium that was needed and when she returned she found 10 slaves, including her father, strapped and bound to several tables that had been placed in the chamber while she had been out. Trapped between wanting her freedom and saving her father, she immediately began to attempt to loosen the bonds that strapped her father to the table.

She wasn’t fast enough and the Magister caught her. Furious with her betrayal, he hit her with a cold spell making her freeze where she stood. To punish her, the Magister grabbed the knife that he used during blood rituals and slit her father’s throat. As her father laid there choking on his blood, the cold spell dissipated and Fiohra was left with the sight of her dying father. Rage overtook her [not the demon] and she used all the mana she had inside of her to cast a Mind Blast that sent her Master hurling away from her, knocking him unconscious. Seeing the damage she had caused and the horrific acts she help participate in, Fiohra ran.

Present day: She is constantly on the run from Slave Hunters, never staying in one place too long.


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