The Sixth Blight

The Gate in the Forest

The Arlathan forest and the Fade...

The party arrives in the Arlathan forest, and after a meeting with a group of Dwarven merchants from Starkhaven and their guide, Brother Gentivi.

The party finds an Eluvian Gate into the forest which is disgorging demons. After discovering the bodies of several mages, the party enters the Fade to attempt to close the rift.

Felix speaks with one of the mages, Arienne, who reveals to him that she came to the fade following the instructions of a demon who promised to help her learn how to defeat Fen’Harel.

Fiohra’s Demon, “Hubris”, is also present in the Fade. He has a terse tet-a-tet with Vashaan, advising the Templar to stay out of his way and offering Vashaan freedom from his addiction to Lyrium.


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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