The Sixth Blight

Farewell to a Friend

Ovan met his sworn foe, Moira Bluehill on the tournament fields of Denerim. Knowing the consequences, he killed her during the tournament, sealing his fate and perhaps that of the Grey Wardens.

Ovan’s friends pled their case before the King and Queen, and in the end, Alistair Theirin offered an ultimatum. Ovan must die, and at the hands of the Grey Wardens. In return, the Wardens would not be banished from the realm, but would be allowed (and, frankly, urged) to travel northward to try and break the seige at Weisshaupt.

Michel revealed his true identity to his compatriots, that of an Antivan Crow, sworn to ensure the Grey Warden’s success, no matter the cost. And, with that burden placed upon him, it was Michel who executed his friend, Ovan.

Joined by an emissary of the King, a Qunari Templar by the name of Karsaan, the party sets forth back to Red Wolf Hold, to prepare for the journey ahead.


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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