The Sixth Blight

A Greater Good, pt 4

The party and Livius confront a group of Magisters and their Templar lackeys onboard a riverboat, including Magister Kyliss. After defeating the magisters, the party attempts to interrogate the Magister as to the Venatori’s plans for the kidnapped elves.

A rift in the party forms, as Vashaan and Fiohra are in favor of rendering Kyliss tranquil, to prevent him from doing further harm and making him agreeable to their questioning. Michel objects strongly, but in the end, Lucia sides with Vashaan and Fiohra.

After being rendered tranquil by Vashaan, Kyliss informs the party that the magisters have developed a means to force a being’s conciousness into the Fade, a technique they used on the Chevalier army.

Furthermore, they plan to gather enough blood together to attempt to use this magic against the darkspawn, hopefully rendering them inert or, at the very least, severing their connection to the Archdemon.

Fiohra speculates that their plan may indeed work, though it would likely take an entire city’s worth of blood to pull off.

After the rite, Lucia explains her decision to Michel, insisting that being a Grey Warden sometimes requires sacrificing one’s owns morals and beliefs for the sake of the greater good, as Michel did when he executed Ovan. Michel warns that the party is going down a dark path, and laments the decision that his companions made.

Later, the party decides to hand Livius over to the Prince of Starkhaven, who decrees that Livius undergo the rite of conscription. Kyliss is likewise turned over to the Grey Wardens in Starkhaven to assist them as best he can.


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