The Sixth Blight

A Greater Good, pt 1

While traveling through the Wildervale, the party comes across a group of tenviter mages who have been rendered into abominations by some dark and profane magical experiment. Documents found on the bodies indicate that the mages abducted their “sacrifice” from the nearby city of Starkhaven.

The party continues on to Starkhaven, and investigates the identity of the sacrificed elf. They learn that the elf went missing after being abducted by the City Guard on charges of theft. Shortly thereafter, the missing elf’s fiance also went missing while investigating his lover’s disappearance.

The party confronts Captain Ruadh, a captain of the city guard in Starkhaven. He offers to assist them in their investigation, but the party is stymied by an obstanate record-keeper in the guard hall.

Sensing something is amiss, the party concocts a plan to get Fiohra and Vashaan arrested, so they might investigate the true nature of the disappearances from “inside.”


ErikTheBearik ErikTheBearik

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